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Natural Laws In Labor Law

Within the context of homonatropia presented below some approaches to be considered for the proper protection of nature and all living things that inhabit the planet earth. was considered the “REPORT OF EDUCATION CONFERENCE ON LABOUR AND ENVIRONMENT OF THE ILO” as an example of the first steps are about damage, likewise, the considerations on […]

Achieving Succes Despite Hatred

I do not think that there are people who hate others because they fear progress and are unwilling to achieve success. I do not believe in a fictitious class struggle, because social classes exist in the minds of people unable to progress and want to learn something new in their lives. Any attempt to overcome […]

Think Of Ipo Investments And How It Benefits

What is an IPO?. It means the first time a company sells its shares to the public. At first the corporation offers a price to be marketed and later be included in the secondary markets. Many of us wonder why a company would need to become an IPO and the answer is quite simple. All […]

Women’s Leadership in Society

There is no country in which the Women’s Leadership can be compared to the role of males. Empowerment and women’s leadership is vital for countries to achieve economic and social balance. The information available allows us to confirm that gender equity and increased participation of women in work environments, social and political processes is a […]

The Templar Knights and Their Politics

The most current name and expanded the “Knights Templar” is produced through translation from Latin to French. The identity of the nine French knights founded the Order of the Temple was as follows: However, the identity of the gentlemen who composed the expedition, would lead to speculate on other reasons than those expressed by Hugo […]