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Before the wedding the bride goes from door to door with a pillowcase in his hand – so she collects wedding gifts. The bride is escorted by a man who is her age and married. A man holding a beach umbrella over the bride. This wedding tradition is the protection of the bride and her […]

Motorcycles History

The very modern biker movement arose after the Second World War. Large numbers of young people returned home, but not all were able to find a place in civilian life. After some time, have informal clubs and interest of uniting all the participants was a motorcycle. Its appearance the famous chopper must biker movement. Chopper, […]

Selfhelp Change

In my previous article that the fate talk can be modified with our free will. Now, at first sounds contradictory because you will be saying: If the destination is written and our future is defined beforehand how come I can change something that is already predefined in advance?. And deepening the question, you can also […]

The Law

Thrasymachus, a sophist said, was convinced that law and justice was not only the expression of domination of those in power, who through these procedures could do what suited them. Carneades (school skeptical), which held that man's natural instinct was always looking to fill their own interests, considered justice as crazy as it meant "the […]