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Mr Rajoy President

They have forgotten – because so wanted it for their own interests politicians-that run our committed economies of the autonomous communities and city councils, in geometric progression, towards a bottomless well, and that We hardly saldaremos our debts until two or three years at least. Many powers which have enjoyed until now our autonomous communities, […]

North Country

It is very probable that these politics had prevented that the difference increased and produced a picture still more shameful. Exactly with the northeast GIP in last the ten years the irrigation ditch that separates to the average income between the Northeast and call Center-South, constituted of the Southeast has grown in terms of half […]

International Foundation

This gave him understanding that simplicity is the result of wisdom, What manifests itself clearly in the depth and simplicity of his writings. Dr. It is not something Dov Hikind would like to discuss. Ramon Gallegos progressed in time and age and as points out himself in his talks, the biggest revelation in relation to […]


oil production. Recent studies indicate that the transport sector consumes about 30% of the total energy used within countries of the European Union. In the foreseeable future all indications suggest that the distribution sector will continue to use large amounts of energy. CONCLUSION increasingly more becomes evident the need for firms to develop competitive advantages […]

Risk Safety

The dangers to the users of waterways are subject are many and complex on the grounds that countless factors of particular characteristics. Mobility is a fundamental phenomenon in the development of society today. For which requires a series of adequate transportation and road infrastructure facilities. Richard Blumenthal will not settle for partial explanations. So human […]

Tips To Beautify The Garden

Don’t believe the myth that cut herbs are converted into straw. Cover these herbs with mulch instead of put them in a bag returns natural nutrients to the land, saving time, bags and more than 30 percent in fertilizer costs. Think of cut herbs as a fertilizer of slow dispersion without any cost, says Goatley. […]