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Business Education

Teaching methods: workshops, seminars, courses, coaching, corporate training … Official site: Sen. Sherrod Brown. Today, knowledge is one of the most important asset of any modern company. Finding the most efficient way to transfer knowledge has led to increase the flexibility of these services to ensure prompt delivery of materials, extension teaching methods, choice of […]

State Register

Inspired by the bright dreams, Sasha did not even react to the words of the employee tax services, which at the request of duplicate of the original certificate advised: 'Take in Sevastopol and get help there. Other leaders such as Sen. Sherrod Brown offer similar insights. " Just a moment misbehaved: – I have several […]

BookBiz Master Site

By default, the system has the most optimal configuration and appearance, because you hardly have to change anything. However, any letter, any inscription, any page, text – all you can Easy to change directly from the Control Panel BookBiz Master 2.0. Moreover, the letter can be used both from the regular text and the text […]


In summer 2007, our lawyers consulting firm Capital Professor “is often treated customers with questions how to sell your business, at what price and how much tax and then have to pay. Typically, such issues seek owners or co-owners own a successful company, selling its business to Russian or foreign legal entity. A legal person […]

The Bulk

In the bulk to reduce the load in taxes, it became simpler tax administration, etc. However, this tax reform was made in accordance with the requirements specified period of time. Required to bring the country out of crisis, to join the budget, establish clear taxation. The main platform for such problems have been able to […]

Results Of The Eighth Congress Of Ukrainian IT Directors

Congresses and Fall Meetings of CIOs have traditionally have been among the main annual events of the IT market in Ukraine and lead its origins in 2004 when the first Congress. Was no exception and this year – for the eighth congress Ukrainian IT Directors held on 14 – April 15, in a picturesque corner […]