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A Direct Bank Liability

Liability of Direktbankt with interposition of investment advisory investment service providers once again the liability situation of the banks in relation to an investment advice news. Anders however went there than in the until date determined liability cases currently to the interposition of an investment advisor. The BGH had the issue to tackle, whether a […]

Teresa Gracia

TERESA GRACIA (1932-2001) was born the poet with the injured hand because flush with the Palm have cut off fingers cord tangled with that his mother musa was United. Teresa grace. VOICE of a girl from the fields of concentration Teresa grace, lived and was educated in France, where he arrived in 1939, with only […]


With the passing of time and postmodernist trends have led to the creation or rather a variation of conventional objects in order to obtain the greatest virtues that it can offer; This is the case of the chairs. The chairs are a variation of the chairs which make their appearance in the Baroque period, it […]