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Delivery Transportation

Made us review allows outline sketch of the effective use of the airship to carry commercial freight. In this case, we consciously put aside which have become quite familiar applications of airships – passenger and tourist traffic, the implementation of research and Earth observation in applications, military, police and other special applications. The first of […]

So Paulo

The deep understanding of the reality partner-educational and the form as it presents itself is ‘ ‘ meta’ ‘ to be pursued constantly, therefore they could there be the ways of a transforming action. REFERENCES BALL, STEPHEN G. Educational Markets, Choice and Social Classroom: the market as a classroom strategy. In GENTILI, P. Pedagogia of […]

Pretty Hair

1. The conditioner is its better friend! While you all must these conditional its hair during the year, she becomes especially important during the winter months. Cold time and dry heat can easily suck the humidity of its sedentas braids already. If you do not keep a programming regularly hidratao with conditioner, now you are […]


Today, the Paraguayan Guarani-not-can nominate a community, for example, using expressions like Ra Pyahu, Tekojoja, Py’aguapy, Kuarahy, Yvoty, etc. III. See more detailed opinions by reading what Kenneth Yarrow offers on the topic. CONCLUSION “N (MOHU’a,) After the above so far, include, with emphasis. that the names originally by the Guarani posts reflect a true […]

Do You Like the Way You Are Living ?

Even when you plan to live like you’re living? Even when you live without having a clear purpose? To live without knowing where you live? Even when live without planning what you want for your life? Even when you will not take action and begin to go for your dreams? Even when you’re sitting there […]

Max Weber

Actions thus proposals call the attention the professionals and counting that they do not pass of promises, they can motivate the vote. Proposals exist that calls the attention a white public, who is of the carrying people of deficiency, then the idea of one program of assistance and politics whom they promote the inclusion of […]

Valdo Albuquerque

Also contrasting with the great mineral wealth that enriches the safes of the company, the team of news article of the Periodical the Regional one, (in 11/2008) if came across with a sad situation enters as much not focadas by the media, where two children, that they Mame look like to have between two and […]