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Democratic Rule

Citizen-Politician, in the quality of governor, considering here the legislative offices, executive, fiscalizadora and of official representation of an agency of institucional sovereignty and/or, eticamente analyzed its actuao, he does not have to want exactly for itself what the majority of the population does not have, that for previous law and/or for the acquired right […]

Social Dynamics

The social dynamics is changedded into the same speed with that if they spread the information in the virtual ways. In this context the paper is essential that the reading plays in the formal education of the individuals, since the permeia language all the activities human beings in all the sectors. In the pertaining to […]

Social Security

I.e., companies have an obligation to cooperate among themselves for the correct application of the rules on prevention, stressed Marta Checa. Protected workers what on the other hand wants Czech lawyers make clear is that law also protects a worker from a company subcontractor suffered an accident to another which is a main company. The […]

Igor Kokorev

When society can formulate balance sheet and statement of changes in equity in abbreviated model, the EFE is not compulsory. 1.3 New quantitative limits for the profit and loss account on the other hand, abridged formulation should be noted have also changed the criteria for the formulation of the abbreviated profit and loss account. In […]

The Residence

So thanks again and congratulations to everyone. Today is the first day of a different life for each one of us. -Don’t rush, – said Ruth with a certain air of concern – yet we have to continue studying if we want to pass the exam to enter the residence. After that, Yes, will be […]

Napoleon Bonaparte

Many years ago when he appeared in the world El Detector de Mentiras, all lawyers and scholars of human behavior were fascinated. The appliance is based on a series of sensors that detect physiological variations of sweating, muscle contractures, variations in heart rate, tremors and eye movements that occur in one individual, when you lie. […]


In summer 2007, our lawyers consulting firm Capital Professor “is often treated customers with questions how to sell your business, at what price and how much tax and then have to pay. Typically, such issues seek owners or co-owners own a successful company, selling its business to Russian or foreign legal entity. A legal person […]

Latin American

I must say that on Friday, December 3, in full horrified drivers, personally didn’t seem at all wise decision to enable the army to assume command in the control towers at Spanish airports. He understood that such measures do not usually like investment, fleeing everything what looks like a suit of camouflage. And although comparisons […]

AD Regional University Lecturer

Early in his political activity in his grade year came in 1994. Before that, he had started political life in the ranks of Democratic Action. He was a member of the Students of the School of Law and Secretary of Sports of the FCU, AD Regional University Lecturer, Fellowship Program Director’s salary Ince and member […]

Modifying Custody

On many occasions the parents after the rupture could arise when and in what conditions could be requested before the judicial authorities a modification of the custody and visitation of their children. Generally it is possible to say that this could take place whenever a modification occurred in your circumstances or your environment, with respect […]