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It knew everybody it and little or nothing was made on the matter. It is evident that not only the politicians are the people in charge of working unemployment in which we are immersed (we also included to those national and international multinationals , unsatisfied always with its gains, few or many, many or few, […]

Electoral Instructions

And being the together people, the corregedor said one, listener, or judge will say to it of my part that of the people noblest of the governana of the land votes in six voters of oldest, and that they are not partial, if in the said village it will have bandos … (BLACKSMITH, 2001, P. […]

History Samovars

Until now, neither of which is not known when and who invented the first samovar. Many believe that Russia is the birthplace of samovar, but it is not. The first semblance of a samovar can be found in ancient Rome and China. It was a large vessel, which had a pipe and ash, the principle […]

Old Rome

The terminology has its origin probably in the fact of that many of the masters also were doctors or lawyers – the two first university courses in Brazil. Or same in Old Rome where it had situations very seemed with this: the dependence of plebeian in relation to the patricians, and that they had the […]

This State

This point that interests in them, for the vacariano sociologist does not have deep antagonisms of classrooms in Brazil of years 1920, then the Revolution of 1930 would not have been commanded for the middle classes, if the crisis appears of the popular layers, Faoro evidences that these do not have to be able enough […]

The Templar Knights and Their Politics

The most current name and expanded the “Knights Templar” is produced through translation from Latin to French. The identity of the nine French knights founded the Order of the Temple was as follows: However, the identity of the gentlemen who composed the expedition, would lead to speculate on other reasons than those expressed by Hugo […]

The Characteristic Features Of Fascism As A Political Movement

The First World War materialized most destructive political force for the deep crisis of Western civilization – fascism. Fascism – Europe primarily a political movement of the xx century, a specific form of government. He has brought untold calamities the world's peoples. It is the fascist state – Germany and Italy – were the main […]

Siberia Civilization

In deep crisis again, as it was in the 2nd half of XIX century. and in the 20s of XX century., discussion broke out about Russia's place in world civilization process. It is generally accepted division of the local civilizations into two main types: Western, historical roots – in antiquity, Christianity, individualism and democratic traditions, […]


State University of Gois Words – Key: History, Sciences, Social, Politicians, Weber and Ideal Tipo Weber possesss a complex thought that if express in complicated way, referring to the history speech. It did not enter for history of science as a historian, but with one of the founders of modern sociology and science politics. Weber […]

EMC Politics

As to correctly follow, To sing the different hinospatriticos in the classroom and the civic ceremonies of the school he was fundamentalpara to incultar in the pupils the love to the native land through the reverence its symbols, amongst which if they detach the national hymns, flag and heroes and dates homenageadospor occasion of holidays. […]