Monthly Archives: June, 2013

Employment Purposes

Each year, a feeling of positivism and a host of illusions home us invades and motivates us to pursue new challenges and initiate new projects as part of our daily lives. Without a doubt, the workplace is not exempt from this and always occupies an important place within our purposes to meet in the course […]

Private Security Standards Reestablishment

Private security is undoubtedly an issue that has always given that talk. Always has been discussed on the boundaries that exist between what regards private security and what concerns for public safety. Last week returned the virtuoso of the private security, Alejandro Desfassiaux, at the head of the National Council of private security (CNSP). Their […]


Tuesday, 24 August of the current year. Jaime is now his program the sniper journal interviewed Alex Kouri and Fernan Altuve, this last flamboyant candidate for the Mayor of Lima after the stud all of Alex. Jaime asks that you as he feels after this denomination, and he responds that he feels calm but surprised. […]

Necessary Reactivation

Companies bleeding does not stop, and with it the worst predictions of layoffs and unemployment. Newly created data, is derisory compared with the disappearance of the same. Intends to now encourage the entrepreneurial spirit, now when our country has historically condemned it. And in this regard only thing that occurs to suggest to the CEOE, […]