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Inclusive Education

They are common cases of professors as of the teacher Ana Keilla who already more than received in its classroom a pupil with deficiency or global upheaval from the development and if feel alone and without support, resources or formation to execute a good work. ' ' I can receive pupils ' deficientes' legally supported, […]

Social Movements

The Social movements in the old republic the old Republic was the period between 1889 has 1930, when the movement put down president Washington Luis of the power. During this period the oligarchies had been consolidated in the power supported in its wealth, but also in a structure typical politics developed by the elites. In […]

Black Movement

Law 10,639/03 legalizes the Study of African history and Afro-Brazilian, this is a great conquest for the Black Movement, to know that now they will be seen and not more alone as the strong arms that had worked in the canavial, in the mining, that they suffered, but now will be given to see histories, […]

National Institute

Of everything this and ahead similar that occurs in other countries, the climate of the land as well as phenomena is of the normal one is giving its answers in some cantos of the planet. As an example, valley to cite dries in full Amaznia in 2005, that according to researchers, was resulted of the […]

Politics and Religion

Born. et.a. (compilers) the marxist theory today. Buenos Aires: CLACSO. ISBN 987-1183-52-6). Thus, the measure that the religion moves away the man from the experience of the nothing, the chaos, of the end, creates the direction to it of the life, that is, the man of the called existencial tragedy hides: ‘ ‘ nada’ ‘ […]