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Pablo Freire

However, to read an image is to assume of an object of knowledge in a level of representation and interpretation, that in them takes the interpretations of the reality. To read an image is to understand as it is constituted, and this demands a world knowledge, a previous knowledge, that is, it demands a personal […]

Fifth Kingdom

CAD THE FIFTH KINGDOM? ' ' No scientist thinks with frmulas' '. Albert Einstein German Physicist Without the Fifth Kingdom the biological study is incomplete. If GOD is Spirit, Biological Science is cambeta, speaking of life and denying the Direction of the Life. Nerves, bones, blood, in head, trunk and members cannot walk alone, therefore […]

Ferrite Iron Bubbles

After to be made the micrograph, appeals manual it of metallography, in order to find the structure most similar of the micrograph, and through comparisons it is arrived determination of the micron-constituent. Description of the assay: The micrographs had been generated in an optic microscope, with the aid of the television that also reproduced the […]

The World

For the child this always states a confrontation with its proper ' ' eu' ' , with its personal experience. To the measure that thinks about it, its reflections if concentrate in the experience that will have to create. The process of its reasoning, its ability to think and to concentrate in some thing is […]

Young Adult

Currently we are part of the group of study of the Program of Support to Ensino and the Scientific and Technological Research in Integrated Professional Education to the Education of Young Adult? PROEJA/CAPES/SETEC, with periodic meetings to argue and to tell our experiences. REFLECTING ON the PROCESS OF EDUCATION AND LEARNING When returning to the […]