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The Course

– To consider integrant, dependent and agent transforming of the environment, being identified its elements and interactions, to contribute actively in the improvement of the environment. – To exactly develop the knowledge of itself with reliable feeling in its capacities effective, physics, cognitivas, ethics, personal relation and social insertion, to act with perseverance in the […]

The Aged

In accordance with Saucers et al. (2002), with the decrease of the physical abilities, the arrival of the third age and with result of the illnesses, the aged ones tend to go modifying its quotidianos customs of life and habits for more sedentary activities. The attached results to the idleness and the inactivity are very […]

The Doctrine

Another possibility sera of comparing the Peruvian law with the foreign doctrine, or the Peruvian mercantile law with the foreign mercantile doctrine, among others possibilities. 19. COMPARISON BETWEEN DIFFERENT SOURCES FROM the RIGHT OF a SAME STATE can be compared different sources from the right of a same state, for example when the doctrine with […]


The present work matter of it is a dictionary specialized in registry matter and notarial, therefore, if a specialist in these branches of the public right can have access to the same is clear that she will increase his level of knowledge, which not only are of predegree, but also of post degree, therefore, we […]