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Professional Code

Therefore, officials have gone by psychological pressure. Registrars, saw the man from the list, instead of receiving the documents referred them to the police, inexplicably located in the inspection. Those, in turn, began to "mental attack, was told about the mystical articles of the Professional Code and the ten-year sentences for such serious crimes. If […]

Information Center Ministry

After the expiration of the first annual visa procedure for visa extension for two years held in Prague (registration takes place in the foreign police), after the expiration of two-year visa extension possible visa two years and after having 5 years of owning long-term business visas can be obtained permanent residence – a visa for […]

Charitable Activities In Ukraine

Today the charity has attracted more people. Many people think that charities are engaged in only rich people, because people with money can help only those who have the money in excess. Just once I would like to dispel this myth. Everyone in Ukraine, may engage in charitable work for free. Yes, yes, it is […]

Professional Procedure

Banglodeshets frightened and gave $ 300 and a few thousand rubles, and the rest banglodeshtsy all seen it, but too scared and called the police. The testimony of all six have been recorded due very carefully, with an indication of the many details then banglodeshtsy gone away from sin, moved to another place and not […]

Inspection, Examination, Investigative Experiment

The essence of the inspection (Article 164-170, 176-178, 180, 284, 287 of the Code) is the visual observation of physical objects, relevant to the professional case, with subsequent fixation of their symptoms by logging and application of technical funds. The law distinguishes between several types of inspection, in particular the examination of 1) the scene, […]

The Legal Market

These figures demonstrate how highly competitive legal market. Two of these factors – lack of financial responsibility, and certain employment issues sometimes pushing unscrupulous lawyers to take up the work, promising a good fee, even if they are not confident that they can do it at a high professional level. Thus, expect that you will […]

Krasnoyarsk Krai

However, the definition of small businesses was not clear, because they had no clear-cut status. Since then there have been very large changes in support of small and medium business, both in the definition of this notion, and in the economic and social importance. Now, the law clearly regulates the relations between corporations and individuals, […]

Ancient Subordination

Such "sacralization of power – states vg Rumyantsev and iv Menshikov – completely exasperated ruler out of control society, and offered him over society to an unattainable height. Any disagreement, and even more action against the government, seen as a revolt against God. Respectively, and for civil servants complete subordination of the sovereign was required […]

State Registration Act

The most acute this problem manifests itself when originally granted the land by right of inheritable possession for life with no purpose of its commercial use, and thereafter at its base was established peasant (farmer) facilities. Of all the above should be an unambiguous conclusion that in any case "dacha amnesty" should extend to individual […]