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Extending this concept (fact that has been already carried through searching pormuitos), we can consider that the places, understood comosubconjuntos of the landscape, are part of the net of cultural significao e, porisso, the repetitions of the use of these allow the enumeration of recurrences (evariabilidade), that they had cooperated for the establishment of a […]

Christians Human

That is born in a stateless society and religion that is creating it in its own way, in order to serve him. Modern Europeans are accustomed to the separation between religion and politics. The secularism of the enlightenment confirmed finally that separation. Perhaps that is why us becomes difficult to assume that many millions of […]

Insocial Society

Overview as canon established by the currents of power, it was always said that times are changing, in terms of politics, the scientific, social, cultural, etc. and all this as a sign of the evolution of man. However, it is ternerse note that this same alleged evolution, has generated a kind of strange metamorphosis against […]


Spirituality is a universal human experience and all education saying comprehensive should include, is not a religious belief, or depends on the time or knowledge. It also depends on a culture or a moral, instrumental rationality or language, is not a fashion. Spirituality is the essence of the integral vision transdiciplinaria of the kosmos and […]