Monthly Archives: May, 2013

Lawyers Online

Due to technological advances, companies and law firms already offer their services through the broadband world, announcing with the objective of acquiring customers. In this way, would reach a wider, all sites and places of the world audience. References are the main source to find lawyers. This kind of resources can come from family members, […]

Limited Partnership

Dividends in limited partnership: to make a limited partnership You can distribute dividends once reduced social capital for losses, will require that the legal reserve reaches ten per cent of the new capital. To date, this restriction operated only for limited liability companies. Causes of separation of partners in limited liability companies: expands to the […]

Tips on Barcelona Travel

In this writing we recommend some activities and notices for your stay in Barcelona. Tips: Download the Guide to practice and the discount card at Apartments Barcelona Checkin. Recommended activities: a beautiful beach (A) activity with the family (B) and the National Museum of art of Catalonia history: don’t miss it! If during your holiday […]

Colombian Government

Friday, 23 July of the current year. Jaime is mixing humor with political as usual. He invited Carlos Alvares which already does not imitate anyone. They did a parody of Hugo Chavez in relationship of breaking relations with the Colombian Government. At the end of the parody, Carlos Alvares disguised as Hugo Chavez makes Jaime […]