Monthly Archives: March, 2019

Strategic Plan

Verify the current coverage of our fixed assets, buildings, machinery, furniture, computer, etc, in terms of the business risks that may ensue you, and coverages that would arise if some disaster occurs. Study and expand the PMP (period means of payment) requesting our suppliers, this differentiation and deciding with appropriate tools, that the price of […]

Waste Product

Do not you already know how to do so that your product is not wasted when it comes to package or bottle it? Every drop or gram that staying outside the container represents money that you and your business or company are losing. Recover that money and fails to throw away it with the packaging […]

Thus Business

Many come to the Internet as the place where to generate extra income, they observe the, increasingly, new options and business proposals and they are excited with them, and that’s fine; they want to be able to find a way of matching something that allows them to possess your own business in the network; Thus, […]

New Billing System

After the entry into force of the new electronic billing system, 200 companies in this State have been forced to close its doors, leaving Bill nearly 500 million pesos, as noted by Pablo Martinez Apango, Chairman of sector Arts graphic of the Chamber national of the industry’s transformation. Similarly, he said that market turnover in […]

Cultural Identity

The idea of the self is something that always accept as real but rarely investigated thoroughly. The majority of people not wonder if their cultural identity, product of his environment, is really the absolute truth about those who are. What is identity? If one is willing to launch a sincere inner inquiry, you can check […]

Educational System

Education system, which was less performed by the technological transformation in the years save the introduction of some changes in the curriculum of textbooks, finally has succumbed to the pressure. Recent development in the field of streaming video has become the concept of traditional education inside out. Students are finding much more convenient and comfortable […]

Third World War

In our time, World War III – not a fantastic story. Its a real threat now and then there, hanging over mankind like a sword of Damocles. In early 1939, few believed that the Second World War may break out due to a nonsense, as Germany's refusal to hand over 'Polish Corridor' – a small […]

The End Of The World In The 2012 ?

The end is nearer than we think. December 21, 2012 is the day that changed mankind as never before. If you want to know more within a With so much concern about climate change, world wars and a possible apocalypse, 2012 has gone unnoticed in our radar. However, many believe that all these things are […]