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The Venezuelan

The new expression telegenic jump into the fray by offering solutions revolucionariasa a miraculous. Meanwhile, others were beginning to think of an alternative movement. Facing the emerging neodictaduras take to the streets in protest demonstrations which lead to nothing, they are unable to topple governments but for some exceptions. The Venezuelan protests are full of […]

Charitable Activities In Ukraine

Today the charity has attracted more people. Many people think that charities are engaged in only rich people, because people with money can help only those who have the money in excess. Just once I would like to dispel this myth. Everyone in Ukraine, may engage in charitable work for free. Yes, yes, it is […]

Licensed Software And Linux

In early 2003, in Ryazan actively began the prosecution of unlicensed software use. At most large companies in Ryazan region, the automation of jobs no one thought about what software installed on computers. Partly software (Microsoft Windows operating system and Office Microsoft Office) comes already installed on your computer. Other programs already installed without regard […]

International Court

For many, the Bermuda Triangle is a graveyard of ships. In contrast, the triangle between Peru, Chile and Bolivia usually tends to wreck many peace plans. Since 1978, La Paz and Santiago have no diplomatic relations, but the leftist governments of Bachelet and Morales have sought reamistarse. Bolivia craves an outlet to the Pacific itself, […]

Cuban Revolution

There is not considered, since the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, Castro’s government has repeatedly demanded the return of the bay, where the station oldest military that the U.S. has abroad, and only in a country with which Washington has no diplomatic relations. A base will undoubtedly always be a thorn in Cuba, it represents […]

Animal Attacks And Compensation For Damage

The tort principle states that any person suffering damage to their person (physical) or in its heritage at the hands of another is entitled to receive financial compensation he "obtain compensation for" harm caused by that. This is seen most clearly in the case of attacks by animals belonging to others, which can be extremely […]

Party Politics In The United Kingdom

The House of Commons has 646 members each of whom is elected to represent a district. With this system, first past the winner in each party takes all. Thus in the 2005 elections the Labor Party won 35% of the votes throughout the United Kingdom but kept 55% of parliament, which can govern without coalition […]

Swiss Government Agreements

"The end is near for tax havens." This statement is being repeated ad nauseam by governments, NGOs, organizations like the OECD and by many media. The recent concessions on bank secrecy made by Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Andorra and Monaco have caused overflowing optimism among the opponents of low-tax territories. But what has really changed? […]

Markets and Crisis

Editor’s Note: When the Oracle of Omaha speaks, everybody listens. This time, it is proposed re-insure the bonds held by the major insurers. What is due this play? I can send comments to: What’s Behind the Buffett proposal? Buenos Aires, Argentina February 13, 2008 The markets closed the day yesterday with euphoria. End of the […]

The Sharper Image

Who is your target market? Knowing the answer to these questions you can answer a lot of questions that come when she will develop a marketing strategy. Richard Thalheimer understood his market for Sharper Image, probably as good as they understand themselves. From an article in LA Times, Tracy Wan, who was president and chief […]