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Egyptian Museum

The situation was described for the empostada voice of a Cuban speaker, who supported that the crisis of the capitalism had made to blow up the inconformismo in Egypt and the differences social they were sinking the government. (…) The aluso between us to the drawn out permanence in the power of Hosni Mubarak was? […]

Legality In Kant

The monographic work has as pretension to carry through an analysis on the morality and the legality in Kant, its distinctions and also the probability to conciliate both, that is, moral and right. For this, the used main workmanships for reading had been: Recital of the Metaphysics of the Customs (1785), Critical of the Practical […]


Here he was the man most complex of the world. Its wisdom and the singular way to act express the uncommon largeness of a Being whose glory is infindvel. Its Majesty is exuberant and Its love, impactante. The form as it acted by means of the circumstances of the life is a fabulosa lesson of […]

Legal Rationalism

The rationalism is born like reaction against the Christian philosophy. One of its more important postulates says that he is " the reason and not felt the true source of ours conocimientos". Because the reason comes normally in its operations by deductive route (starting off of principles evident), like for example in the mathematics, the […]

Legal Impossibility

43 that deals with the absolute incapacity. They are absolutely incapable: The minors of 16 years, safe for those determining acts by the law. Between the 18 years in which it acquires total ability to act (Art. 42) and the 16 years, the individual has a relative incapacity (Inc. Art. 44. 1); but below the […]


All we know that having a bad history of credit he must be avoided in any cost. When the things come to so a step one cannot help something to seem front and to think of average erasing bad credits. There are several legal measures to erase its bad credit, and so the procrastina shutdown […]

Legality in Brazil

Its distance understands 794 km of the Capital, and its forms to arrive Legal Brasilia can be for fluvial road or. Etnogrfica research of Field in Legal Brasilia In day 04 of July of 2011 to the 13:00 hours, the academics of IV the Period of History of the College of Itaituba? FAI, had left […]

Federal School University

Nothing of this it made with that it did not have (and still has) a career politics marked for the corruption. The meliante more than possesss 150 processes in the coasts and recently its name was enclosed in the red diffusion of Interpol, being able to be imprisoned in 181 countries, less in Brazil. Fernando […]


Beyond nutrition, maternal milk mainly brings protection against illnesses in the first months of life, stronger development of the bones of the face, teeth and chance of nip of the affective bows between mother and baby. Children whom if they feed with exclusive maternal milk until the six months of age and complementary form until […]


Since that the units of ready attendance had resurged, with new roupagem and also distinct functions, concerns on the part of managers and sanitaristas how much to the true benefit of these services had also appeared. The main factor that convinces many managers to implant a UPA? Unit of Ready Attendance comes of the comment […]