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If you are still giving the image of a pitiful man who seeks the approval of others, passive, lazy, not come very far. If you suggest that you can not live without it you put in the worst of situations. If goes on to say that Yes, your relationship will not last too since she […]

Russian Federation

JOSE BRECHNER predictably, Brazil and Turkey, were the only two members of the Security Council of the United Nations that voted against new sanctions on Iran. The Council has five permanent members: China, France, Russian Federation, United Kingdom and United States. And ten temporary members who are elected for two years each. Today are: Austria, […]

Monthly Income

The majority of people agree that some kind of investment should be in order to achieve financial independence. There are different types of investment, within which, the majority includes any specific amount of money. Although certainly not all investments involve money, since some required on our part; time and energy. It is also important to […]

Bolivia Israel

JOSE BRECHNER at four years of the rise of Evo Morales Bolivians living distressed, while it has is true: persecution of opponents, terrorism of State, vandalism, despotism, nepotism, racism, corruption, pillaging the country, lack of basic products, indigence in augmentation, drug trafficking without limits, murders, lynchings, torture, arrogant threats of rulers, and violations of the […]

Jordan River

Let’s see the VERSES and their references: Leviticus 16: 21 part 1: and Aaron will put their hands upon the head of the male alive cabrio, and confess over him all the iniquities of the children of Israel, Isaiah 53: 6 part end: more Lord charge em the sin of all of us. Levitical 16: […]

Belleza Cosmetica Natural

There are many natural methods dedicated to personal care and beauty. Many of these have been preserved with the passage of time and have even become the cosmetics we use today frequently. We all know that beauty is health, cosmetics being a basic pillar in our outer part. Natural cosmetics based its principles on plants, […]


Pretend to understand meaning lose all connection with the authentic message, and the error is still greater when we believe have misunderstood. The spirit of zen in each activity is characterized by a direct contact with the present moment, with the eternal now that it is the only thing that exists. It is the expression […]