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New Politics

Such gear if reproduces in conditions of marginality, the almost absolute absence of labor laws and in the purchase of merchandises on the part of the intermediate and the plants in informal way. To use words of Hart (2005), the catadores appear as stakeholders of ' franja' in the field of the industry of reciclagem' […]

Russian Federation

This man is not stopped, when a guard heard a scream and not even respond to a warning shot into the air. As it turned out during the investigation, this man was not a terrorist or a thief, and just decided to jump over the fence, apparently, trying to shorten the path. A security guard […]

SpyderPc Program

Who has access to the correspondence and conversation over a cellular connection .. Mobile phones – a very personal thing. His number we give not for everyone. In some cases, not let him home. But in fact, the privacy of our conversations very conditional. In the company of each mobile operator has an electronic diary […]

Operation One

Another important action of this topic, is the fact not to be admitted acts that result in increase of the expenditures with staff in the last one hundred and eighty days of mandate of the governing. As for the increase of the expenditures with the social security, these must be folloied by corresponding reduction in […]

General Mannerheim

There is nothing in the world more powerful avant-garde and original. Thousands of miles away, for "mad money" to us, thousands of people are going to look at the man, "overturned" the world, even the "black", maybe not quite as they should, but it is symbolic and powerful enough, "Russian-style." The Finns, for example, in […]

John Air

Letter from the Russian State Construction Committee 21.03.2002 9-28/200 confirmed that the condensation on the surface of the glass inside the building – a valid phenomenon. Can solve this problem through the airing. "To your room was always filled with fresh air (and, according to the recommendations of the Association of ventilation, heating and air […]

Carnival Time

During the Carnival, it is time to say goodbye to meat. There is nothing like taking advantage of this pagan celebration to resist this custom with an original and much more healthful product: The tea DivirteTe. And it is that Saboreatycaf, the network of establishments specialized in the purchase and tea tasting – always with […]

Georgia Tension

The war in Georgia again made us shudder with apprehension next big disaster. On all sides have been calls for a ceasefire and peaceful solution combined efforts of international forces. Is it possible to union where the interests of the parties so different? How to make a living in peace with dissidents, those who do […]

Political Education

In the truncated form at the congress will be at least four political pole, conventionally represented, Ramzan Kadyrov, Akhmed Zakayev, Doku Umarov and Ahyadom Idigov. AND what? Swan, the crayfish and pike? It is quite expected the predicted results. Again, squabble, like last time? Again, be exposed to ridicule before the world? Chances are that […]

Statement Documents

First visit a notary public. Once you have gathered all of the above documents and information, feel free to go to the reception to the notary at the place of opening the inheritance of the case for registration of inheritance. Council. Do not forget your passport – without it you will not talk. Council. Do […]