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Russian Constitution

The Russian Constitution proclaims the supreme value of the state's rights and freedoms of citizens. Consolidating the many and varied rights for individuals and legal entities, the state simultaneously guaranteed and their actual implementation, regardless of gender, race, nationality, language, origin, property and official status, place of residence, religion, beliefs, membership of public associations, as […]

Russian Federation

This man is not stopped, when a guard heard a scream and not even respond to a warning shot into the air. As it turned out during the investigation, this man was not a terrorist or a thief, and just decided to jump over the fence, apparently, trying to shorten the path. A security guard […]

SpyderPc Program

Who has access to the correspondence and conversation over a cellular connection .. Mobile phones – a very personal thing. His number we give not for everyone. In some cases, not let him home. But in fact, the privacy of our conversations very conditional. In the company of each mobile operator has an electronic diary […]

Statement Documents

First visit a notary public. Once you have gathered all of the above documents and information, feel free to go to the reception to the notary at the place of opening the inheritance of the case for registration of inheritance. Council. Do not forget your passport – without it you will not talk. Council. Do […]

Russian Federation

Rules for collecting and displaying weapons, as well as structurally similar to arms, order of their production, trafficking, of sale, transfer, acquisition, exhibition, storage and transportation, as well as the range of weapons by the Russian Government. Licenses for acquisition, as well as permission to keep and bear arms void the authority which issued such […]

Lithuanian Consulate

It’s like a story with no intended use of visas … Some complain that the ‘pernicious’ consulate refused a visa or granted a second time in a very short time … Meanwhile, the common situations where multiple entry visas issued by the Lithuanian Consulate, citizens are used for other purposes: 1. Man given stay for […]

Civil Procedure

The main thing here – describe the situation clear, consistent, and essentially without emotion, clearly formulated their demands to the defendant, it is desirable to refer to the rule of law. 3. To gather evidence. According to Article 56 of the Code of Civil Procedure of the Russian Federation, each party must prove the circumstances […]

Russian Federation

Arbitration assessor has the same rights and bear the same responsibilities as a professional judge. This means that based on the general principles of justice to ensure a fair trial independent and impartial tribunal, the arbitral assessor, as the judge must be impartial, act impartially when making decisions. This obliges him and takes the oath. […]

The Prosecutor

But the consequences of such decisions may affect the lawyer. He is responsible – and quite severely – for errors, omissions, views, in fact, for any errors, even arisen because of its negligence, and sometimes without any guilt. It's unnerving lawyers, especially young people, many prematurely wears out, makes me work. In economics, a lawyer […]