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King Louis

"His great influence in the reign of" weak and helpless Louis XIII ", has created the basis for asserting that at the time what was ruled a true double-headed monarchy …! Richelieu successfully circumvents the site to the Rochelle (1627-1928), the conference "des Dupes" in 1630 (which the Cardinal out gracefully, earning the game to […]

Compulsory Voting

Against the majority view in the world to conceive the vote as a right to freedom for the citizen to exercise it or not, is the growing view of compulsory voting or vote-duty already established in much of Latin American democracies and in countries like Belgium, Australia, Austria (Land of Vorarlberg), Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Greece, some […]

Said Roberto

“Yes, in the windows, again expressed Benito, assuming the air of a teacher when going to the most important explanation of his life. The official windows where we always have said things like “Come on then,” “we can not serve you”, “the person who can solve your case is on leave and will return next […]

Justice, Memory, and Popularity

Rodrigo Lara introduced me to Galan, precisely in the Barrio Jose Antonio Galan in Neiva, in a public rally organized by great popular leaders of the era as the Black Pine, Marcelo Padilla and Eduardo “El Ronco” Alvarez. At that time gathered in a dusty streets, about five hundred people eager to hear the two […]

Departmental Comptroller

To conclude this issue of transparency touch the issue of liquor. Everyone knows that 31 year before last December won the award and the date of today there is no definitions about the liquor monopoly, much less so now 13 months after the contract has been settled earlier. Is this a game "Cunning" between contractor […]