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Political Policy

The laws do not should benefit a few because of their economic influence, nor must abandon many others because of their marginal status. As we conclude that it is not necessary to know the contrary to law. 57) men who know the law, knowingly possess which allows them to be in a state different from […]

Political Analysis

Ricardo Castella explores the panorama of Spanish and abortion international politics, not to leave her voter touch of political humor and politics satire. elephant Recently, and tired of the current situation has created a views political association (fictional) against the already tense political will committee is valid. vote Every Thursday, parties Ricardo transforms her into […]


State University of Gois Words – Key: History, Sciences, Social, Politicians, Weber and Ideal Tipo Weber possesss a complex thought that if express in complicated way, referring to the history speech. It did not enter for history of science as a historian, but with one of the founders of modern sociology and science politics. Weber […]


Muitaspessoas says that they do not like the politics, that already is tired of ouvirfalar in elections, democracy, vote and politician, and affirm that todopoltico he is corrupt and not of a due attention the debates, votes noprimeiro that see for the front and when leaving house of it comes across with nibuslotado, I transit […]