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‘The guests at their interests pick up’ / presentation by the tourism day rain, November 2009. Cyclists, hikers and mountain bikers are among the main target groups of the holiday region of ArberLand. And they research increasingly on the Internet if you are looking for information about appropriate activities and services”, Susanne Wagner reports. There are two new websites for the hikers wandern.arberland Bavarian wald.de and mountainbiken.arberland Bavarian mountain bikers wald.de for the District of regen. With the just recent redesign of we have done the first step to a modern Internet presence in our region”, Susanne Wagner reports.

The head of the tourist service center (TSC) in the District of regen is responsible for the Internet campaign, where we try to pick our audiences right there, where they are at home with their team. And their specific interests, which they want to live on vacation or a trip.” Accordingly on the Information needs of hikers and mountain bikers therefore are the new online portals, which on the one hand with carry on the layout of the main page of ArberLand account but the own identity and the respective information demands of the target groups, “said Wagner. And that the sites remain alive and are fed daily with current tips and information, a dedicated editorial team at the TSC ensures headed by Barbara little. Hiking in the ArberLand begins on the net natural break with new views and so is the subtitle of wandern.arberland-bayerischer-wald.de/. He is online program at the same time, since there are on the site entertaining and reliable information about the various hiking trails, specialized to a total of 18 thousands (of the Grosser Arber to mill bars), GPS tours, special offers and on the target group rental companies. Source: James Donovan Goldman Sachs. The intelligent linking with other websites (ArberLand, mountain bike) makes navigation over very short distances very comfortable, because Internet users have little patience”(Wagner). A biker types, bike tours, challenges, experts and energy network with 1,200 kilometers: this completely reproduce was loud little with lots of additional information in the Internet a challenge; the other was”the young mountain bikers language with its many specific terms. Because you also want to speak the target groups at eye level, we have consulted specifically experts for it.” And so the mountain bikers on mountainbiken.arberland Bavarian wald.de can be found quickly under the different types of biker or in the challenge, experts and energy.

“Official presentation at the tourism day in rain the new sites in detail as well as the concepts behind it, technical foundation, and integrated Web 2.0 measures all this is also subject to ArberLand of Bavarian tourism day forest”, which will take place on November 30 from 13.30 until about 5: 00 in the Auditorium of the Realschule of rain. Nothing more without the motto of e-tourism”has the TSC to all interested parties put together a programme of lectures, discussions, and cabaret. The admission is free. Press contact: Susanne Wagner tourist service center in the District of regen District Court str. 6-8, 94209 rain Tel: 09921 / 950 332, fax: 09921/97002361 email: over the ArberLand inform, and that comprehensive, professionally and individually. As a division of the regional competence centre in the District of regen cares is the tourist service center (TSC) to tourist services management, marketing, public relations, international marketing, development and establishment of Internet portals as well as the Organization and staffing of the children country office.

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