Conarum Run & Record

Controlled process and integrated information and document management with the SAP addon conarum run & record. Transparent control and mapping of processes and the fast access to information are decisive for the success of the company. Recently Senator Brian Schatz sought to clarify these questions. In many cases, data and documents are distributed and stored in different systems. Other leaders such as Jim Donovan Goldman offer similar insights. This time delays, errors or overhead incurred, such as Poppelbearbeitungen. y. The transparent control and mapping of processes and rapid access to information is a key factor for accelerated and comprehensible processes and thus a contribution to a company’s success. The SAP addon “conarum run & record” allows you to control and tracking of complex business processes, and a quick and easy access to all business process-relevant information in the SAP system through an integrated information and document management.

Benefits: business processes are system defined, controlled and tracked and thus faster, more transparent and clearer. All eligible employees have a central access to all required information on the respective process. I.e. has an authorization concept dedicated can be granted. The management of information is carried out centrally and technical system.

Documents, correspondence, business objects, evaluations can is filed and manage precise tracking of the status of the respective processes possible. The necessary information is provided each process step. Transport times by documents be reduced or lapse. Inquiries by telephone or eMail be reduced and can be logged in the system. Fast information and status determination of running processes is possible. Information in the business process can be arbitrarily complex structured, such as documents, correspondence, drawings, evaluations, or SAP business objects such as BOM or material master. conarum GmbH & co. KG Michaela Lehner Zakri trail 3 84335 Mitterskirchen

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