When Charging Legal ?

If as they say, two hundred years ago clowns, artists, puppeteers and other characters from the world of entertainment had to submit to the patronage of the great of the earth (some say it represents in some other private organization), now with these new laws that they impose (see digital canon including tax) actually arises from the work of others living among other things, that is, the patronage of the great change to become "private groups" that feed the public money it is achieved through certain taxes and shared between partners. Very nice! is to talk about intellectual property or right that supposedly allows a "creator" live off the fruits of their labor, but when that idea or concept is expressed by law and are allowed to distribute the money raised by the charges or taxes, through a private company and the questions arise "original concept" is distorted. Clearly, now the largest land have become "private groups" which make the current government to legislate in favor of their interests and every day we see more clearly the actions of certain clowns, artists, puppeteers from other characters in the world of entertainment. Now he explains that clothes and conducive to certain rulers, as are these and not others, the ones most likely to cause to live "silly soup", so yes, the argument presented to the people as worthy of that right allows the "creator" to live of their work. We know! In interpretation or presentation of a distorted world are an example to follow.

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