Violation Of The Rules Of The SDA

Some drivers who are stopped by traffic police inspector, begin to build itself from the how to say it mildly human sexual orientation. Show starts like: "What a cute inspector! With you very nice to talk to, sometimes it is accompanied by an attempt to pat () inspectors back () even kiss him. Previously, the inspector of surprise could really get lost, and disgustedly spit, let go back home a "fruit". Now such a trick well known to all inspection-tori, so we do not advise recourse to it: for such a performance you may well deliver to the station and bring charges, such as disorderly conduct, or assaulting a police officer. Could be worse: considering your "concern" for you can "hang" the commission of any unsolved sex crimes. Until recently there was a trick, how to use a driver alcohol immediately after stopping the car traffic police worker. It is no secret that many drinkers who come to a driving while intoxicated, action-wali sly: as soon as the car stopped, they immediately drank alcohol.

It would seem – what's the point? A very simple matter. The driver has officially announced that he was driving sober, and drank only after he was stopped by the traffic police. Why drink? Yes, to relieve stress (too scared and excited). In this situation, the traffic police under the law could not bring the perpetrators to justice, even having a medical examination, confirming the drunk driver: in fact the driver admitted that he was tipsy, but – not when driving, but only after it stops.

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