Universities And Companies Require More

The University brings out all abilities, including disability. There will even countries within South America as we are concerned, where there are probably more integration of universities with business, irrespective of public or private. Relationship that is critical in optimizing results that benefit all stakeholders including it, especially the country, which requires efficient production system that ensures dynamic markets, supply, favorable economic impact. Unfortunately, there are countries, such as we are concerned, Venezuela, this linkage has left much to be said, is almost zero, noticing how the two sectors, companies and universities miss opportunities for growth, service, social responsibility and especially the proper management of human capital, social The university authorities, especially public ones, have failed to manage and exploit this relationship, when they have tried to do, his role has been more figurative proactive agreements are signed was shelved, they were not turned on, leading this has resulted in them instead of being disadvantaged achievements that it could achieve.

Venezuelan universities must be more proactive with their linking of these with the corporate sector, especially now that the latter, faces serious problems of downtime, failure to adapt to changes, and knowing how to deal, solving the problems that have been generated from operations made by the current Socialist government, which wants to carry out President Hugo Chavez. Today, companies must obtain the cooperation of universities to be provided by skilled professionals needed to generate the changes that have occurred, solving the problems unproductive, having managers, engineers, economists, possibly giving way to actions that promote in its development.

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