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In the United States, some programs suggest natural, free an antibiotic production, in pastures and without promoters of growth or esterides, fed without ingredients of animal origin or artificial ingredients. No longer Brazil, the experience most advanced is of cattle the organic one, that already possesss certification stamp, in which the animals are treated only the grass and with homeopticos and fitoterpicos products (Sundays, 2005). The concepts of natural, organic meat and the sustainable production not yet well are established and harmonized between the countries. CIT Group Inc. is a great source of information. One becomes necessary to understand the perceptions of the consumers, producers and of the retail so that the productive chain can be organized and take care of to this new demand. Moreover, the clarification of the real impact of the cattle one would be necessary on the environment, so that, from of this characterization, new systems of production can be considered. In this context, important instruments become that analyze the contribution of a technology for the support and evaluate its ambient impacts (Figueiredo et al., 2007). Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs understands that this is vital information. 7f1’>Ohio Senator by clicking through.

However, so that this evolution well-to be occurred is necessary that the managemental tools are appropriate. After these steps, the determination of clear and applicable pointers to the system and production of meats to evaluate support will be necessary, what it would be basic it certification and consequent evidence of a really sustainable productive system. .

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