The Residence

So thanks again and congratulations to everyone. Today is the first day of a different life for each one of us. -Don’t rush, – said Ruth with a certain air of concern – yet we have to continue studying if we want to pass the exam to enter the residence. After that, Yes, will be the first day of a life different for each, since by being dedicated to such diverse specialties already not only we will not meet for study or refresh a topic, but not even to discuss it. -Seems to have not heard about the inter queries and team work,-he said Isaac.

-True, continued Ruth, saying- but doubt that we work in the same hospital. That will depend on how we go in the entrance exam, interviews and vacancies that exist for each specialty-. They were laughing and chatting awhile and he went out the controversial theme of the reprimands, but this time Finally, they all laughed, and Gladys for the first time since that event, felt not upload the blush to his face – well, said Isaac. I think that we should go. Their parents will be eager to see them and celebrate. Took them to their homes in my car-the four cheerfully boarded car of Isaac who was a small, very small, but allowed them to go to the four as they had done on many previous occasions, with relative comfort. When they arrived at the House of Natasha, parents and brother were waiting for her outside. Natasha was sitting in the front seat because the car was two doors and she was going to be the first to get off.

To see it they ran. They all wanted to hug her and kiss her. All fighting to be done first and pushed was doing that, for make place. Natasha’s brother that five years ago he had received from lawyer, was still hugging her, as she said:-don’t forget sister what you’ve been saying since long ago.

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