The Prosecutor

But the consequences of such decisions may affect the lawyer. He is responsible – and quite severely – for errors, omissions, views, in fact, for any errors, even arisen because of its negligence, and sometimes without any guilt. It's unnerving lawyers, especially young people, many prematurely wears out, makes me work. In economics, a lawyer at one time was more or less calm. However, at present time it also involves the risk of high responsibility.

Wrong advice can bring great damage to us and no less – the reputation of the lawyer. Of course, the risk of liability depends on the nature of decisions, their magnitude. Risk perception and ability to tolerate it depends on the personalities of the lawyer; a quiet people, who accept responsibility, there are people who generally react poorly to their own decisions, do not worry them. But on the whole job a lawyer can not be called quiet. The lawyer is hard work, lack of valuation of the working day and even the working week. Lawyers are often forced to work in the evenings, on weekends. At the time of the day can do a variety of tasks requiring immediate action.

The attractiveness of the profession legal profession is associated with the ability to positively influence the situation. A lawyer can help unjustly wronged man, to protect the rights of victims of crime, help the person who illegally dismissed from work, to restore or protect the disputed property or housing rights. The lawyer, worked as an investigator, a judge may provide just punishment of the criminal. The prosecutor has the right to prosecute violating the law clerk. Work lawyer – a struggle for the right, which does not always lead to victory. But the focus of professional activities can bring to many experts the high moral satisfaction. The attractiveness of the legal profession is that it is a certain independence. Lawyers usually do a different subject his leadership, except the judges and freelancers, lawyers. Yet they make decisions in accordance with the law and interpretation of the law implies independence. The more savvy lawyer who knows more than He boldly and persistently, the better will be his decision and thus higher reputation. It is these opportunities to use their intellect, character generate a lawyer satisfaction with their work. It produces own style, craftsmanship, and most professionals it is a pleasure. An attractive feature of the legal profession is that you can use it in various spheres of public life, economics, arts, sport and journalism. Take a very good position is important works. However, lawyers do take high government positions. Known names in journalism. At the hearing qualified lawyers. Widely respected by scientists, yuristy.Voobsche can rightfully say that really smart, highly skilled lawyer – is a welcome worker, counselor and adviser to any occupational activity

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