The Challenges of El Salvadore

With the aforementioned enhancement of the motivational level, working autonomy and parallel line of concentration, the achievement was verified repeatedly (with a substantial, visible operative difference), the target set from the start, as quickly and efficiently in the locations of individuals buried . It was precisely in the Andalusian city of Seville where Jaime Parejo deemed his system completed, setting and the birth of it, in October 1994, when he solidly demonstrated and verified the high level of effectiveness of Arcon Method (considerably exceeding the most advanced technological means, used, as was the case for example of geophones detectors), even against unfavorable conditions especially in confined spaces, with its exemplary canine Chest, in a diploma course on techniques of search and rescue in disasters.

Organized by the Public Safety School of Andalusia, where the dog, in the presence of numerous Fire Granada, Almeria and Seville, various search operations carried out under the pressure of adverse factors of extreme intensity and different nature (colorant, spatial, visual, auditory…) Being equal, optimal levels of autonomy, motivation and concentration associated with excellent location time values and patterns of signaling. This revolutionary, transcendent scientific innovation, and recognized as a breakthrough for mankind, has enriched and expanded especially the field of animal learning and behavior, involved in parallel, for several years, the search and rescue of people buried in various countries (from 1999 Fire Dog Units in Spain, El Salvador… detect people buried alive under extremely difficult perceptual and demonstrated greater effectiveness of the method on the rest of Chest systems, living organisms or electronic), and consequently the choice and approval by governments, the Method Chest, as formal system of training and intervention, and formal adoption by leading Emergency Services, Security Forces, particularly countries with seismic risk.

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