The Brazilians

Why common people lose the head to the projection? Varnish of civility Badness. Yes, conscientiously or not. They are the bad pendores of the creature, before jailed in deepest of the heart, that now come out in savagery, permissividade, and moan. You found philosophical or last excessively this conclusion? Certain time, talking in a wheel of friends, I and more two other lawyers, on the recent confrontations that if had generalized in the Brazilian transit drivers who simply do not respect the transit legislation, do not respect other drivers and motociclistas; ways in precarious conditions of trafegabilidade, badly signaled; few or no agent in the streets to restrain with severity the abuses I pass through in it; penalties to the infractors softened at the moment of the application of the law, my colleague argued that the problem age of abuse of authority, people that, intercepted for the policy for directing drunk, say: ' ' You know with who you are speaking? He is knowing that I am Someone of Tal' ' , and instead of presenting personal documents and of the vehicle, he offers to gratuity the authority of I transit. There I thought, will be that to be correct, all necessary people if to coat with a species of ' ' clera sublime' ' , and to leave for there, in the style of the hired killers, molesting all people that in them cause furor, indignation? This I said generally to the other friend who alleged to be the people moved for strong emotions provoked by the fights of the daily one, in the work, loving disillusionments, and even because the teams that they twist lost an important game. Nonsense of the nonsenses. Why it did not think before about God, the Father of all the creation, and even in the projection of its car? The first colleague until remembered a customer its that already refused good proposals of job because it would have that to go of car.

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