Russian Federation

This so-called “alternative” liquidation – as expressed in the following variations: a fictitious sale of your shares (“skidyvanie share from you”), the founder of a new, often from another region, even more “suspicious” appearance, the external and moral character, and the appointment of new director, the same moral character, or reorganization by merging with another company or join another company, often in another region, the change of registered office and (or) the geographical location of your company within the Russian Federation, and the combination of these variations. As you can see the scope of their rather limited. We discussed the options have some positive moments, but mostly negative, as follows: Most of your firm still continues to be objects of offenses and penalties accumulate, and in case of change of directors and (or) the founder of most of these penalties increase. Besides no one takes responsibility from the former directors and shareholders for the period of their work.

Responsibility, for example, tax arrears identified in the audit of the tax inspectorate is in the manual in effect at the time of its formation. For all transactions made and accumulated debt during the period Your activity subject of the offense is still you, and therefore the responsibility can draw it for you. Change of regional affiliation also gives no guarantees, as the system orders and interaction between law enforcement works perfectly. With the reorganization of all rights and obligations of your company will be transferred in succession, and your risks are added risks of other clients (Owners of firms) want to like you an alternative way to liquidate the firm, as the restructuring process involves several “disloyal” businesses.

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