Russian Federation

JOSE BRECHNER predictably, Brazil and Turkey, were the only two members of the Security Council of the United Nations that voted against new sanctions on Iran. The Council has five permanent members: China, France, Russian Federation, United Kingdom and United States. And ten temporary members who are elected for two years each. Today are: Austria, Japan, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lebanon, Uganda, Brazil, Mexico, Gabon and Nigeria. The support of the Brazil and Turkey to Iran that is considered dangerous not only for Europe and Israel, but for the Arabs to be a heterogeneous Committee which comprises countries of all continents and various ideologies, is significant. All speculate that Israel has nuclear bombs, but nobody can confirm with certainty. Whereas some of the most prominent nuclear scientists were and are Jewish, it is assumed that Israel is a nuclear power.

His condition, however, was never motive of fear for its Arab neighbors, because they know that the israelis are not a threat to its existence. Israel wants peace, not war, and has been demonstrated since the day of its independence, accepting proposals than anyone else in the world it consentiria. But if Iran acquires nuclear power the Arab world in full is at risk, because he knows that the ayatollahs could use it to conquer their lands. The iranis have no problem in killing hundreds of millions of people. The nuclear danger in the Middle East, always came from the Arabs. Of some madman who wanted to impose on others. At his time was Iraq, Libya, Syria, which tried to enrich uranium, but were promptly persuaded of that you not try, by Israel and United States fighters that flew them their plants. Another reason why the fear of an atomic bomb was never considered as an imminent threat, is that Israel occupies such a tiny space, that a nuclear attack on its territory would end with all forms of life in the workplace, including the Palestinians.

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