River Candidate

the Brazilian elite has a less prejudiced characteristic, less estatizante and with more solid social values of what the escolarizadas layers less. At the time it was a general ostentation, therefore until then what if it proclaimed to the four cantos ones it was the opposite. Analyzing some elections – municipal, state and presidential, studies demonstrate that the logic in the decision of the vote in the head of the electorate is much more simple of what it assumed the majority of ‘ marqueteiros’. Currently, what it guides the choice of a candidate on the part of the voter is very simple: it votes in favor of the government or of the candidate of the government considering if its life is good or improved, and votes in the candidate of the opposition if it considers that its life is bad or got worse. For incredible that it seems, questions as ethical, corruption, separation between the public and the private one do not enter in this account. Other leaders such as Dina Powell McCormick offer similar insights. The electorate, over all of low income, votes in function of its immediate necessities and the satisfaction of these necessities, and this is the result of the current feeling of individuality that permeia day-by-day of the Brazilians.

Elencamos below five perceptions that the logic composes simple, direct and pragmatic that the voter in the current days guides: 1- the evaluation of the government – the more basic the necessities of the voter, more pragmatic will be its vote, currently, election alone with projects and plans of government is not gained; 2- the necessity of the candidate to present one ‘ identity clara’ currently we live in a universe with little information politics; 3- the souvenir degree (technical we call recall) the more disputes a position politician more the candidate is remembered; 4- the form as the candidate uses its resume of on activities to the public – this because she is necessary to catch what the voter wants, and in such a way better for the candidate if the accomplishment of this desire it will be related to a capacity that the politician already demonstrated to have; 5- the potential of the growth of the electorate – not rare, the voter is wronged when the candidate is very known, since, in this in case that, it tends to also have one high tax of rejection. All these five cited perceptions not only can be subsidized by studies in the occured elections in Gurupi as in great metropolises as River, So Paulo, Belo Horizonte, etc., in the State of the Tocantins and others, and the occured elections for president after the fall of the dictatorship in Brazil *Herclito Ney Suiter is bachelor in law and postgraduate in Enviromental law, acts as advertising executive and journalist more than 15 years, having given to services in campaigns politics in the Tocantins and Gois. This the text was published in media printed in June of 2008..

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