Re-registration Of Company In 2009 – An Overview

30 December 2008 was signed the Federal Law ‘On Amendments to Part I of the Civil Code and certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation. ” The Act stipulates that all of the limited liability company (LLC) must make serious changes in its founding documents. This does not mean that should immediately flee to the registration authority and make changes. The point is that, in accordance with Federal Law N 312-FZ of all these actions are necessary to produce from 1 July 2009 to January 1, 2010. Nevertheless – it’s time to take a closer look, what advantages and disadvantages will bring us to this innovation. Catches the eye replacement A constituent treaty, the treaty on the establishment, the latter is no longer a founding document! Nevertheless, he played a key role and is used to determine the proportions of members of the Company, being the main primary document. All necessary data about the founders of llc will be contained in Legal Entities – and from that moment to show the participants in the Charter is optional. In other words – the first major document in the creation of a new company The Treaty on the establishment. If you make further changes to compiled application with a notarized contract on alienation of shares or portion thereof.

Further, changes were made and no such thing as introduction of statutory deposit. Now it will be considered as’ payment for shares. ” The nominal value of shares of participants Ltd specified in the Agreement on .Kasatelno output member of the Society – here the emphasis is on existence in the Charter item on the Law Society out of the Participant without the consent of the other participants. Otherwise, the party has the right to ask the other participants in an llc to buy out his share. In accordance with Law N 312-FZ Society shall maintain a list of participants. This specifies the details of all parties and their shares, and the size of this share can be expressed as a sum of money, and on the basis of different criteria. It is also not allowed out of participants from society, in which the Company is no members. With regard to the assignment of shares of Company – see more global changes. All transactions on the transfer of shares subject to mandatory certification in notarial form. It is emphasized that no notarization of these transactions are considered null and void. Have to work and notaries – the commission of the identity of such transactions, they are obliged within three days to pass notarized statement to the Incorporation of necessary documents. In conclusion I would like to add that these innovations – like most of the innovation of our legislation – require thorough study. If You feel insecure in their abilities – is recommend that you contact a lawyer, and it can be done without delay. Already, one can find several companies offering pre-prepared package of documents on re ltd. To date, the cost of works is rather small. Readily admits that further price rises, because In Moscow alone there are about a half-million company, and the demand can go on increasing with all the resulting price effects. Nevertheless – in fact it’s not that scary, and this question can try to solve a couple of weeks and on their own. It would be patience and desire.

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