New York

For militarization talks and negotiations were not conducted, violated international conventions, our national Constitution, the Civil aviation law, administrative careers, the organic law of administrative procedure law, passed over the National Congress to enact traffic services air as security services of State and then regulate it. On the other hand, with this militarization is just labor negotiation, task undertaken and designed against the entire public administration and tested successfully with the air traffic controllers. Now, you know that we won demands to the air transport Chamber and never pay in cash, by the way. However, after thirty months managed to the Supreme Court in 1997, fallara in favor of the Government and us, the work of the rapporteur Cecilia Sosa; but leaving all the same in favour of the Government, only us hard in the payment of benefits and pension adjusted right, more young people returned to spend working with soldiers as superiors. I focus perhaps all this more with synthesis, because alargaria long article. Not distill hatred against anyone, from my part you send greetings to Dr. Caldera, that God you hundred years more of life, what not step with colleagues who committed suicide, which lost their homes, apartments and cars.

Don’t you know that there were more than seventy divorces, deaths and desperate for a situation that could be treated by way of the bargaining. I can, maybe in another article listing chronologically all conflict, as freedom of the press was used with subjectivity and without adherence to ethical standards. We had no who advocate for us, apart from that we had to sell assets to pay lawyers. The meritocracy of PDVSA just with a company in a Satanic attack and multibillion-dollar losses in dollars; We only asked to pay us debts incurred in previous Governments, hear this, when the drivers of transit air, we went to a conflict, often llevamamos the solutions; Thanks to us was created the National Fund for navigational aids, our conflict was implicit the problem of obsolescence of equipment, we always were a Guild thriving, wrestler and in pursuit of efficiency, effectiveness and efficiency. Greetings to the air traffic controllers of the world.

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