National Politics

Thus, as form of use of the natural resources in rational way, the job of a public orientation, implemented for the government, if it makes necessary by means of the Management and Ambient education, that has for objective, practical that they can guarantee and preserve the environment, as well as, to reduce the impacts caused for wild actions of activities, for the man, the sustainable development and the conservation of biodiversity. E, according to Law 6,938/81, Art. 2 makes use that: The National Politics of the Environment has for objective the preservation, improvement recovery of the propitious ambient quality the life, aiming at to assure, in the country, conditions to the socioeconmico development, the interests of the national security and the protection of the dignity of the life human being. (BRAZIL, 1981, P. 17). In this direction, in accordance with the displayed facts, can be verified that the ambient politics establishes as goal the harmonization and protection of the environment with the economic development, in what makes of the environment to be recognized as common wealth to be protected by the rational use of the natural resources, as well as, an important factor for quality of life of the man. On the other hand, valley to stand out that, the population increase is considered one of the important factors for the continuous ambient degradation, has seen that, the population needs resources for its subsistence and the same ones would go to explore each time more the available natural resources to supply its necessities, and with this, to increase the ambient impacts on the Planet Land. To this respect, Saints say that: Certainly therefore the call ambient crisis if produces in this historical period, where the power of the forces unchained in a place exceeds the local capacity to control them, in the current conditions of mundialidade and its national repercussions.

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