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Of everything this and ahead similar that occurs in other countries, the climate of the land as well as phenomena is of the normal one is giving its answers in some cantos of the planet. As an example, valley to cite dries in full Amaznia in 2005, that according to researchers, was resulted of the possible heating of the planet, that results in the effect greenhouse, consequent of the forest fires, emissions of gases launched to the atmosphere, become devastadores in the United States, tsunami in Asia, reduction of calota of ice in the consequent North Pole of the opening in the ozone layer, cyclones in the United States, weighed earthquakes in some parts of the world that decimate thousand of people and desertificao. Ahead of this constatao the idea of the sustainable development appears (DS), searching to conciliate the economic development as the ambient preservation, taking care of the necessities of the gift without compromising the possibility of future for the future generations. What it will happen with the continuation of the Amazonian deforestation? Valley also the alert one of the LBA (Amazonian Biosfera of Wide Scale, acronym in English), greater scientific study on tropical ecosystems already carried through in the planet, that involves 500 researchers of 100 international institutions that they warn: ' ' If the deforestation of the Amaznia to continue in the current rhythm, in 100 years some regions of the tropical forest can become barren savana' '. Every year, the proliferation of the farming initiative and the wooden illegal exploration below put almost 20 a thousand kilometers squared of bush.

Of the forest that if extends for six million squared kilometers, 600 a thousand already had been destroyed, what it represents one area of the size of Belgium. ' ' It is possible that it by vol. has an increase in the temperature and a rain reduction, what would transform the areas south, east and north of the Amaznia in savannahs in the one stated period sculo' ' , Noble, coordinating Carlos scientific of the LBA and the National Institute of Space Research evaluates (Inpe), the Brazilian representative of the project.

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