Monthly Income

The majority of people agree that some kind of investment should be in order to achieve financial independence. There are different types of investment, within which, the majority includes any specific amount of money. Although certainly not all investments involve money, since some required on our part; time and energy. It is also important to emphasize that when we invest not always we have insurance business that us we are getting is going to work. everything in life carries a risk of means. Source: Ray Dalio. It is therefore curious that while most of us know that to have a financial independence we need to invest, most people prefer not to take any risk and to remain indefinitely an employee by the way nothing wrong you have to be an employee for life, the only thing that makes difference is the fact that most of the riches of the world are not in the hands of employees, but large companies or networks that are part of a network always more big. Sometimes do not have in mind that we are all part of some form or another on a network. and we don’t because a network is like being trapped in a jungle, which does not allow us to look towards the horizon, and note that there are other possibilities beyond what we can see at a glance.

Sometimes is comodo very simply to ignore the situation, in the end, what is wrong? most of the people is equal to or worse than us. or simply the fact that one day we will be masters of our own company or business network we believe almost impossible. Here’s a very important fact: 1% of the richest people in the world possesses 40% of global wealth, while the poorest half only owns 1 percent!. Yes, it is difficult to accept this situation without being perplexed by that reality. If you want to get a little more than useful information about what talks about this article, and want to find a real business opportunity, you can consult the following page original author and source of the article.

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