Marriage Of Convenience In Europe

Latvian legislation the penalty for a marriage is not provided. Therefore, sham marriages is not so little. Since Latvia joined the European Community, every 5 marriages in order to obtain residence permit citizens of third countries, falls under suspicion – a dummy. Prices on fake brides and grooms from Latvia range from 1000 to 15000 euros over 5 years of cohabitation. Understandably, no one pays the whole amount at once, usually it is divided into five parts, one part of a year and pay an annual pass to the registration of temporary residence permits. Concluded before the marriage, the marriage contract, does not guarantee that your local partner, will not require with your extra money, but 100% guarantee you nobody will. Cases of extortion, is not officially known. Go to the police of foreign newlyweds very rarely, always trying to conclude a peace agreement and to resolve all financial reward. Do not write the same in a statement that he wanted to cheat the state of Latvia, paid a spouse to obtain a residence permit in Latvia and in the future status of permanent resident of the European Union. By unofficial information, for 200-300 euros you can buy an official certificate of pregnancy complications, a doctor from Latvia, by which marriage can be issued within a week, rather than wait a month after filing an application to the registrar. Since it is very often an entry visa issued by the Embassy of Latvia, is not enough to apply and register their marriage in Latvia.

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