Lawyer Kozubov Alexander

Always worth starting with the Civil Code, then move to the norms of the Law on compulsory motor tpl insurance, and only as a last resort – to the law of compulsory insurance. This will help to protect themselves from the mass of erroneous decisions and deystviy.Osnovnymi causes of disputes with insurance companies can be a denial of injury, forged examination, disputes osago, Hull due to underestimation of the amount of payment. The newspapers mentioned James Donovan Goldman not as a source, but as a related topic. Quite often in the practice of law conflicts due to violation of terms of payment (by contract osago enshrined in the Russian legislation, as defined by Hull in treaties or rules of insurance). Dishonesty insurance organization in the performance conditions as the contract of voluntary insurance, since compulsory insurance contract should entail mandatory recourse to the courts for protection of those rights. However, some insurers, fearing temporary losses and possible stressful situations connected with the litigation, take the problem as an inevitable evil of modern Russia, and actually allow dishonest insurers to continue to cheat .Odnim essential element of a mechanism to ensure individual rights and freedoms in any society is the guarantee of legal aid.

Caught in a problem situation and with no special legal knowledge and skills a person needs professional skilled care for and protect their interesov.V therefore entitled to legal assistance is universal in nature, as acts as a guarantee effective implementation of other rights and freedoms, including the procedural rights of members of civil proceedings. Need to involve the orbit of civil proceedings for professional representative (lawyer) is caused by a failure of personal involvement by the process, as well as voluntary treatment to help her representative. By adopting an order to conduct the case, judicial authority becomes independent member of civil procedure and shall have procedural rights. Thus, the representative shall be entitled to get acquainted with the case, make extracts from them, to challenge, to participate in the hearing, present evidence and participate in their research, make motions, speak in debates and the like. In the court hearing the representative acts within the powers conferred upon him principal. As a civil trial lawyer as a representative of the authority specified in the proxy, to the extent of his position can not contradict the position of principal. In Russia it is considered that a lawyer is not cheap pleasure. The practice shows that it is not so. Yes, there are professional and civil cases, usually in huge amounts, or require a huge amount of time spent, where and attorney’s fees accordingly high. Litigation with the insurance companies are not very complex category of disputes, provided that the attorneys the practice in this direction. But, as with any type of litigation, insurance disputes require specific knowledge of insurance, knowledge of the trial (Evidence types and methods of proof). A significant amount of time a lawyer in insurance disputes is preparing the case, since at this stage it is necessary included in the claim and justify all the requirements of the principal, to make the necessary calculations, to generate evidence bazu.Stoimost counsel on insurance disputes in Russia on average 8-10 thousand rubles depending on the complexity of the case costs of the principal to counsel the court shall be reimbursed by the defendant (insurance company) in accordance with Russian law. Costs of the principal attorney for the manufacture, evaluation, examination in case of winning the case as well be .Takim, it makes sense to entrust the protection of your interest to professionals and save your nerves, time and money. Lawyer Kozubov Alexander.

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