Juan Marinello Vidaurreta

Juan Marinello Vidaurreta (1898-1977) "I've seen, comrades, take to the streets throughout a large city, Mexico before the arrival of five hundred Spanish children, victims of fascist barbarism, who went there to find love culture and. J. Speech Marinello. Second Congress of Writers. Time in Spain.

THE VOICE OF THE CHAIRMAN OF THE DELEGATION HISPANOAMERICANO Vidaurreta Juan Marinello was part of the Cuban delegation, along with Nicolas Guillen and Alejo Carpentier, who attended the Second Congress of Writers convened by the International Alliance of Antifascist Intellectuals, which met in Valencia in July 1937, Jose Bergamin, Corpus Barga, Antonio Machado, Pablo Neruda, Fernando de los Rios, Ramon J. Sender, Vicente Huidobro, Carlos Pellicer, Jose Mancisidor, Octavio Paz, Elena Garro, Rafael Gonzalez Tunon, Ilya Ehrenburg, Bertolt Brecht, Anna Seghers, Ernest Hemingway, Heinrich Mann, Andre Malraux, Louis Aragon, Cesar Vallejo, Rafael Dieste, Rafael Alberti , John dos Passos, Julien Benda, Martin Andersen-Nexo, Se-U, Stephen Spender, Tristan Tzara, Emilio Prados, Maria Teresa Leon, Arturo Serrano Plaja, Juan Gil-Albert, Henry Peter, Lorenzo Varela, Miguel Hernandez, Ramon Gaya, Pascual Pla y Beltran Ludwig Reen, Andre Chamson, Jef Last, Malcolm Cowley, Feedor Kelyin, etc. "The Latin American delegations in this Congress I have done," said Juan Marinello in his speech "by one of those generous mistakes, so our people, their responsibility to this House. They say with my mouth that they understand and measure the size of its commitment and accept it. " In this fiery speech words movingly dedicated friend and fellow writer, who died in the battle of Majadahonda of the Spanish war to defend freedom, "I promise, fixed in the memory of a man who by writer, Spanish, and Latin American hero , deserves and demands our best word and our most committed decision, in a Cuban whose name engraved on the walls of this room is the pride and duty: Pablo de la Torriente Brau, Comrade unmatched in the best days of struggle, Comrade copy now in his presence without moving, at the dawn Comrade guiding points already …

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