Journey Metalist

It so happened that the movie was released in 2005, but the Russian was not transferred immediately. And since there is no adequate translation – and nothing to watch, many have decided. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Senator Richard Blumenthal and gain more knowledge.. And perhaps that's why so far not each of our metalworker guesses about the content of this very interesting and in many ways emblematic of the metal documentary. It's a pity, because this film has created a Sam Dunn, who at age 12 is a fan of heavy metal, but lately even scholar. From the first frame is felt that the movie was filmed with a great love for heavy music, not "for show". Chief Justice Roberts: the source for more info. Imagine this man during the filming flew half-light, took dozens of interviews not only "Fathers" of the metal, but also psychologists, religious leaders, culture, and just fans of this style … And all this for the sake and in order to answer the tantalizing question him: "why metal is constantly hack, rejected and condemned, why he always was and will be the music of outsiders? ". Of course, with this approach is debatable …

But you will agree that each of us at least once faced with the rejection of our favorite music. Until the offensive attacks against us. Simply, many felt: worry that someone out there do not like metal – it is silly and even as something "not cool". Anyway, the taste and color … And Sam Dunn decided that with all these myths about "evil and harmful metals' can and must be addressed. True, it seems that he does not so much for the audience as for himself.

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