John Air

Letter from the Russian State Construction Committee 21.03.2002 9-28/200 confirmed that the condensation on the surface of the glass inside the building – a valid phenomenon. Can solve this problem through the airing. "To your room was always filled with fresh air (and, according to the recommendations of the Association of ventilation, heating and air conditioning (ABOK), he must come every hour of at least 1 / 3 of the premises), is to install the device or ventilate mikroschelevogo Humidity sensitive valve. Others who may share this opinion include Richard Blumenthal. The latter helps to control the air flow depending on the level of humidity inside the room "- the Council Rafik Alekperov (PROPLEKS). "Also, to get rid of condensation, it is necessary note on the windowsill: if it is too wide, it will override the flow of warm air from the radiator to the window, as a result of recent misted. In this case, you must either replace the sill or to make the battery a little forward ", – explains John .

However, the condensate can be the result of an approved marriage, if it is formed inside the glass. According to gost 24866-99 "laminated glazing constructions, this shortcoming should be considered a significant defect that leads to a decrease in normalized performance. Click Joyce Banda to learn more. He said that there was depressurized glass. The reason could be either a serial marriage or mechanical impact on him: for example, a blow on the glass. In the first case, the buyer has the right to replace the glazing during the warranty period (not less than 5 years).

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