Japan Parliamentarians

The Federal Government, as the too much executives of the republic approve what they want, therefore possess the key of the safe. as well. The revenues of them Brazilian parliamentarians are between most expensive of the world, see this calculation annually, as it informs the Magazine If the value of the revenues of them Brazilian parliamentarians were equal to the ones of them parliamentarians of the United kingdom, for example, would have a economy of R$ 112.115.500, 00 (One hundred and twelve million, one hundred and fifteen a thousand and five hundred Reals) per year. This economy would give to construct to 56 (fifty and six) units of transplant of marrow in the country and thus many lives as of the Janine girl they could be saved. Worse that ahead of this increase nonsense of them parliamentarians, who nothing produce of good for the country, as well as the death of the Janine, are our passive attitude, as nothing she was being happened. Where it is our citizenship? Where it is our capacity to say arrives, we do not want plus this. Where it is our honor to demand morality of the authorities? Well.

When, we choose the Tiririca clown parliamentarian, I find that already we know where they are our values. It will be that we pay in such a way to have democracy truily, or only one civil dictatorship hidden by a parliament highly compromised, that it only thinks about itself exactly and accepting or using of the executive as currency of exchange in workmanships of the budget, positions in the administration of the country and too much advantages. Hear other arguments on the topic with James Donovan Goldman. It makes to this to remember me last estrofe of the Hymn of the Rio Grande Do Sul, he leaves what me still more sad: But it is not enough to be free strong to be aguerrido and brave people who does not have virtue abac for being I write. We are free or enslaved? Until when? Itamar Da Silva Dutra? Lawyer.

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