Independent National University

Before this, Carlos Silveyra, General Undersecretary of the government, indicated that Mexican Ejercito will return to patrol the streets of Jurez, that each day they receive more deads. A Spanish reporter, Judith Torrea, that was ventured to desolate the Jurez City tells to the daily life of that one large city by means of his blog (Jurez, in the shades of the drug trafficking). The Journalist maintains that the inhabitants of that city are imprisoned of interminable abuses on the part of the authority to the point of which them he uses like chivos expiatorios to be presented/displayed like narcotics traffickers to the Mexican High Commands. He narrates: ” Adrin Lujn, just withdrawn of design by the Independent University of Jurez City. This noon, the Federal Police – sent by President of Mexico Felipe Caldern in its call war against the drug trafficking they were after Adrin Lujn: while more families cried to the today assassinated ones.

With its orphaned children. Like every day. In a Juaritos that no longer exists. ” After attacking it, they among others forced to that one took photos with a weapon, violations to him of human rights. Perhaps to present/display it in the future like sicario. They have done since it previously with several expiatorios chivos: innocents turned into guilty by the authorities when they feel the pressure of means. Or to scare it if he continues denouncing and working by La Paz: what they do not do autoridades.” During 2010 290 young people among 12 and 17 years by acts of the drug trafficking have died, according to an informative note of the Universal one. The children like sicarios On the other hand, a writer of the Independent National University of Mexico, Pedro Jose Pealosa, he indicated to the Exclsior newspaper that the children from the 9 years already are sicarios of some poster of the drug, because an infant who lives in a place where drugs are sold and that it has few opportunities, are pushed the criminality. ” These sicarios young people come from a population that to anybody matters to him and some come from families in precarious conditions. The young people who arrive at the circuit did ” as a last resort; .

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