Identical Fenmeno

It is thought to have the duty to admit that, according to some authors, religion and democracy if complement, since that they are abstained, liminarmente, the fundamentalismos, because these yes, lead the so radical situations that they are not condignas with the essential values that all the citizen of the future, certainly, will go to defend: fraternity, love, tolerance, peace, international cooperation at every level, work, responsibility, among others, because in democracy the religion freedom is an undeniable value, that must be respected by all the citizens. The importance of the religious dimension is understood very well nowadays. Independently of statisticians, soundings and pretense adhesions to this or that religion, what if it verifies is that the highest religious dignitrios obtain to congregate to its return multitudes that, as much how much it knows, none another activity reaches: unequivocal test meets, successively repeated, in the authentic peregrinations that its Sanctity Joo Pablo II has made throughout its pontificado e, more recently, its successor, Blessed XVI. Such multitudes, that are not constituted, only, as some intend, for aged women and, but also for men and the youth of all world, each time in bigger number. Identical Fenmeno if verifies in the other great religions.

Of remaining portion and in what Portugal respects, the results of the last census of the population in 2001 are seen and will be concluded that the population is religious e, maioritariamente, catholic. In the religion the man searchs sensible for the life: ' ' A certain existencial crisis for the not-direction, or the search of the direction for the life is lived today. Check with Author to learn more. It is certain that we cross difficult times, necessarily for guilt and responsibility of the Man who, blind person for one any power or fanatizado by very deep certainties, is incapable to confide it other values. For everything this, in beginning of century and millenium, is important that if it considers that: In this historical conjuncture of great changes, and great combats, a revigoramento is without a doubt necessary of what it remains essential: the defense of the eminent dignity of the person; responsabilizante ethics for personal, social, econmica, cultural the life and politics; one renewal of the life spiritual; ' ' (YOUNG CHICKEN, 1999:67) the revigoramento the one that if alludes in the previous citation, does not depend in such a way on the State that, in religious substance, must be neutral, but another one yes, is to the society that competes developing all the initiatives to its reach, either to break and with the support of the diverse colectividades and not governmental organizations, either from the common citizen.

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