Higher Class

The class hierarchy is structured around mainly about material wealth. Each class will have a consistency in richness of object. I mean that everyone will not necessarily private television, a private computer. Some not others so, depending on their class membership. Of course, we will create sites with computer self-service, etc.. The higher you go in the hierarchy, the concept of ownership is growing. It also helps to provide an incentive for individuals during their education, they want to become rich, they should make an effort, and following the rules (which are still under debate by local democracy interclass) to access other things.

Some things can not be put into public ownership, therefore, clothing, shoes, makeup, etc. are accessible by all. The zero class includes those who have decided not to integrate into a function for society, has the least private benefits (I think especially those who work, who can consider themselves superior to those who do not work). For me, what we have, never prevent going to learn, think, etc.. I tend to think that those who do not have more time to educate ourselves, but we must always show (unfortunately) work for society as superior to work for himself, for good reason: if nobody not working for her, then we lose our society. But I think there is not much society that accepts the non-work "life force equivalent to a wage labor, as if we were dead before." And between classes, multiple entrances to the upper class, by those set by the private and the public.

But also sanctions established by law: downshifting, to the prison. To me, that democracies do not need local government, except for the problems between States, and for the management of the army. The remaining cities did so. In addition, the current democracy will only elect those who are far, but beware, they must not impinge on the functioning of cities, after their permanent establishment. In terms of ecology, the restriction of property will have fewer plant and certainly more crafts. Of course, furniture can be easily customized by those who want, for themselves, or by a craftsman. Many of thing will certainly possible, because it was too create pollution by letting us enjoy the profusion of objects for personal consumption. And there will be many things such as public property become more arbitrary now. Moreover, it remains to solve the problem of money, and the difference private / public. In addition, it must be some optimal number of class, more than three, I think, to avoid excessive division of groups, and thus their strength. But do not forget, we should prefer the survival of everyone, the personal madness, destructive, and encouraged today globally.

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